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Residence X Hotel

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Address Address

Sobe, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture




館内最大10台 1泊1500yen ( 予約不可 )

Lowest price

5000yen / 1 per night

10 minutes by car from Naha Airport.

A 10-minute walk from Tsubogawa Station on the Yui Rail.

Glory island okinawa -SOBE- is

It is a residence + hotel located in Sobe, Naha city.


Introducing systems and products that are friendly to the global environment

Efforts to achieve the SDGs

Activities to convey the history and culture of Ryukyu

We are actively doing it.


There are 48 guest rooms.

We also have a residence room that can be used monthly.

From 6 types of interiors that feel the nature of Okinawa and various floor plans

Please choose according to your mood and purpose.

The mattress is "OHAYO!", A natural material of Okawa furniture, a furniture manufacturer in the prefecture.

(Shurijo Castle Reconstruction Support Project Product)

Or we are using the major American furniture maker "Ashley Sleep".


In addition to the reception on the first floor

There is a workspace and laundry room,

Official goods and travel goods are displayed on the souvenir rack.

With a gentle coral pink reminiscent of coral

The guest room corridor with charcoal pine doors

It reminds you of the excitement when you arrive at Naha Airport.


"Cafe & Bar 5083" on the top floor is open from breakfast to BAR time.
In the open-air rooftop space,

Feeling the wind like the beachside

You can spend a relaxing time.

LIVE stages and workshops by singers from the prefecture will also be held.


Communicate the charm of Okinawa with all five senses and heal your mind and body

Okinawa Lover all over the world is comfortable

Eco-friendly residence + hotel ♡


A) Tila Universal Room  27㎡



B) Sula Double Studio a / b  



C) Fusi Quad Studio



D) Fusi Corner Twin Studio



E) Yusanli Corner Triple Studio



F) Glory Top-Corner Deluxe Room

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