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Accommodation Terms and Conditions/Notes

Thank you for choosing GLORY ISLAND OKINAWA® Yabusachi Resort.

Thank you very much.

Please check the following before staying at our hotel.


[Conditions and Notes]
♦Free Wi-Fi is available in each building, but please note that it may be difficult to connect.
There is no wired LAN available.
♦Smoking is prohibited throughout the building. Please smoke only in designated smoking areas.
♦Due to the location, there are natural insects and reptiles. If you are extremely afraid of them, please refrain from staying. Depending on the season, there is a possibility that pollen from the surrounding plants may fly in, so please be aware of this before staying.
♦As the property is located in an environment rich in nature, depending on the season, the sea breeze and humidity may create a unique odor in the room, which may cause allergic reactions in guests with allergies.
If you are concerned about the above, we will accept cancellations, so please feel free to contact us. However, please understand that if you contact us on the day of your reservation, we may charge you a portion of the usage fee depending on the room usage status.
♦If a flight departing or arriving at Naha Airport is canceled due to bad weather or other reasons, please inform us of the flight number.
Once confirmation is received, there will be no cancellation fee on the day.
♦We will send you an email regarding your stay to the email address you entered when making your reservation, so please be sure to check it.
♦Check-in time is from 16:00 to 21:00.
If you wish to check in before 4pm, an additional fee will be charged.
Depending on the room situation, we may not be able to provide you with a room, so please contact us as soon as possible.
♦Entry into the facility is prohibited for anyone other than guests staying at the hotel.
Please note that if trespassing is discovered, an additional fee of ¥5,000 will be charged per person, and if overnight stays are discovered, an additional fee of ¥10,000 will be charged per person.
♦Bringing electrical appliances, cooking utensils, etc. into the facility is prohibited. If you are found to have brought such items into the facility, you will be charged an additional fee.
Cooking utensil sets are available for rental, so please inquire at the front desk.
♦Open flames are strictly prohibited within the facility. Please refrain from smoking, fireworks, cooking utensils, etc.
If any open flames are found, an additional fee will be charged.
♦Pets are not permitted inside the building.
♦For safety reasons, vehicles are not permitted on the premises.
For parking, we ask that you use Parking Lot No. 1 across from Cafe Yabusachi or Parking Lot No. 2 in front of Yabusatsu-Ontake.

Our hotel requires automated check-in and online payment.
We will contact you in the afternoon of the day regarding check-in details, so please check the email address you used to make your reservation or the administration screen (message) of the reservation site.
If you have ordered a meal option, please specify the date and time of delivery in advance.
*If you do not contact us with a specific date and time, breakfast will automatically be served the following day and dinner will be served on the check-in day.

♦Rental car is required. (We do not provide airport transfer service.)
Please note that we cannot store your luggage after check-out.
♦There are no convenience stores, supermarkets or other shopping facilities within walking distance.
For inquiries, please contact or 098-943-8235.
Mapcode: 232 500 469*16

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