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Glory island okinawa®︎

~ for Okinawa Lovers around the world ~


Okinawa --an island of Glory,

located in the southernmost part of Japan-

among the Ryukyu Islands.


Made of 160 islands,

let yourself live among the rich nature.

Let Okinawa heal and enhance your five senses.


We, “Glory island okinawa®”

welcome Okinawa lovers from all over the world

and give you an exclusive-feel

resort home during your stay in Okinawa.



Okinawa was until around 1879

It was an independent country called the Ryukyu Kingdom.


There is a legend called the Ryukyu Opening Myth about the Ryukyu Kingdom.

The gods Amami Kiyo and Shinerikiyo

Received a destiny,

landed on Kudaka Island from Nirai Kanai,

It is said that he brought down earth

and stone plants and opened the door.

Even today, in Utaki all over the prefecture,

In the form of Utoto to the Creator of Ryukyu

Pray for a good harvest and longevity,

There are many figures that convey daily gratitude.


Wrapped in prayer and gratitude

Island of glory Okinawa Mensole!


Mission Mission

Utuimchi (Okinawa style hospitality)

Creating a cozy space

Front concierge

Lounge / restaurant


Rent-a-car / share cycle

Facility area information

Okinawa history and cultural information

Inheritance of Ryukyu's traditional culture and entertainment

Ryukyu dance, lion dance, shamisen folk song, karate kobudo

Acer, local singer, etc.

LIVE stage where you can feel Okinawa with all five senses

Shimakutuba (dialect) classroom and folk craft handicraft WS

Ryukyu haijo sanctuary guide

Ryukyu Kingdom Utaki, East Utaki (Agariumai)

World Heritage Gusuku Sites and Related Heritage Sites of the Kingdom of Ryukyu,

Ryukyu Hachisha, Shuri 12 branch temple tour guide

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